Cancer Employment Scientific days


The French national cancer institute is organizing an in-person international scientific conference in Paris on the theme “Cancer, Work & Employment”. These scientific days will allow the crossing of multidisciplinary data and foster discussion between researchers from various disciplines.

In Europe, more than two million people of working age are diagnosed each year with cancer. The impact on both personal and professional aspects encountered during the disease constitutes barriers and obstacles for these individuals to access, return, or maintain a professional activity. Even after treatments, cancer survivors may be exposed to difficulties in job retention, being even more important for specific populations (e.g., women) or situations (e.g., self-employees). However, it seems that maintaining a professional activity during the treatment care, and afterwards, when it is possible and desired by the employee, contributes to improving the quality of life of people suffering from cancer.

Faced with these challenges, INCa has made a priority of the issue to maintain, access or return to work, when desired. Accompanying a Club of companies “Cancer & Employment” in the implementation of concrete actions – and following INCa’s European Cancer Meetings which produced several recommendations to support research on this topic – the Institute is organizing a Cancer Meeting on the theme of Cancer & Work consisting of: an international scientific conference – Cancer, Work & EmploymentNovember 21 & 22; and a global French public conference, November 23.

The scientific conference dedicated to research will bring together researchers from different disciplines and approaches to discuss recent empirical studies and innovative practices (e.g., interventions, guidelines). Willing to provide a showcase of current research, this conference launches a call for papers in Human and Social sciences, Public Health, Epidemiology and Interventional Research. 
We invite researchers involved in this thematic to participate in this conference by submitting their abstracts until June 26th for oral/poster presentation or symposium submissions.

Conference format: in-person only conference, in Paris, 21st & 22nd November, with the invitation of keynote speakers and sub-committee times to mobilize the research community to discuss common issues.

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The French National Cancer Institute (INCa) is the French health and scientific agency for cancer control. INCa is in charge of monitoring the implementation of the National Cancer Control Plan and the 2021-2030 ten-year strategy that focuses on: improving prevention; limiting the after-effects of cancer; improving quality of life; fighting against cancers with a poor prognosis; and ensuring that progress benefits everyone.


Institute’s five main missions are disseminating knowledge about cancer, producing and sharing expertise, structuring and leading territorial cancer organizations, analyzing data to improve the targeting of actions, and boosting scientific and medical innovation.


INCa has made a priority of the issue to maintain, access or return to work when desired. It supports a Club of companies “Cancer & Employment” in the implementation of concrete actions and organized on the 3rd & 4th of February 2022, European Cancer Meetings which produced supporting recommendations to research on the theme of “Cancer & Work”.

A global French public conference will be held at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie on November 23 !

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